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Let me introduce myself: everyone calls me Rug or a shag rug, but I am not an ordinary shag rug; I am a SugaRug :)

I might be a young Berber shag rug, but I come from deep roots in the Middle and High Atlas of Morocco. I am proud of my old Berber origin and centuries-old traditions. I used to keep my Berber ancestors warm during harsh winters; but now I am SugaRugs shag rug who lives a lavish life and brings happiness wherever I go: in castles, offices or beautiful homes...

I am a SugaRugs carpet that is made entirely by hand following same old Berber process thousands of years ago. I am hand-woven which ensure the wool yarn is part of my structure and keeps me strong. The magic hands of my woman weaver still tickle me, and I only accept high-quality wool, natural dyes and 100% organic ingredients. No recipes here, only beautiful designs, skilled Berber women weavers and premium quality wool.   

My SugaRugs women weavers are happy to bring me to life: First, they clean best-sheared sheep's wool from the Middle Atlas of Morocco and spin it, then mix herbal based dyes in boiling water and deep in my wool till I get my unique colors depending on the design. Hand- dyeing our organic wool in small batches makes each color slightly different and each handmade rug truly unique. No two handmade shag rugs are alike!!! It takes up to 6 weeks to make a handmade shag rug depending on design, size, and material used.

I am proud to contribute to the local artisans and help them have an income and sustain their families. SugaRugs is giving away 10% of the sold item profit to help literate women weavers, contribute to their kid's school supply, and empower local women artisans in general.

I bring joy, happiness, and warmth wherever I go. After all, I am a Sugar Rug!!!


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