When I was a little girl, I loved to run around as my mom and her friends were setting up a new loom. Per local Berber tradition, a small bowl is placed next to the loom and when our neighbors stop by to check the loom, they would put piece of white “sugar” on that bowl next to the loom to chase away bad/ black spirit and to bring good luck and happiness to the house where the rug will be placed. I did not understand this during that time, but I really enjoyed eating the sugar :)

Hence, the name of our website: SugaRugs!!!

I grew up like any other Berber girl, but I always have my own dreams. Once finished my college in Morocco, I worked with USAID (United States Agency International for Development) in collaboration with CRS (Catholic Relieve Services) and it was one of my best life adventure ever. I traveled all over Morocco; I was responsible for helping to empower local women artisans in remote villages on the Middle and High Atlas of Morocco. I enjoyed joining them in weaving and chat around a cup of tea.

Coming from a Berber origin myself, this adventure has taught me a lot and brushed my experience and knowledge about how Berber rugs and handmade carpets, in general, are made.

The little Berber girl in me was still wondering about the outside world and I moved to the United States to finish up my studies and make my dreams come true. Now I share my time between the USA and Morocco where I get inspired for new design ideas and work with my team to translate them into beautiful shag rugs.

Everywhere I look is a potential design idea that crosses my mind and I try to imagine it as a real carpet. I know; it has been an obsession now and I love it :)

To make these design ideas of mine come to life, and follow my passion with handmade Berber rugs, I am collaborating with a team of best female Berber weavers in the Middle and High Atlas of Morocco. Most of my team members are hard working moms, dedicated wives and very skilled Berber weavers who love their work and enjoy hand making each shag rug into a unique piece of art.

Why buy from us:

Our shag rugs are entirely made by hand which ensures that the wool yarn is part of the structure of the carpet itself and not just tufted in. By using natural high-quality wool and materials; the rug holds its look and shape and last longer even with heavy foot traffic. Also, the Berber rug tends to age into a beautiful, classic and vintage look which make it unique and sought after.

Most of our female weavers are from the Middle and High Atlas of Morocco and are very famous with their magic hands when it comes to cleaning, preparing and spinning wool for weaving. so we are the weavers! no middleman is involved and our female weavers profit directly from the sale.

Growing up, I always loved sitting next to Berber female weavers while they are picking and hand dying the yarn using local herbs while telling fascinating stories and jokes. The whole process is not only about making the wool ready, but it is also a magical social experience where everyday life chores mingle with culture and storytelling and help shape the future.

We put a lot of energy and love when making these rugs and we would like to share it with you through our work.   

In addition to my heritage and all the experience I have gained over the years while working directly with local artisans; I love what I do and can guarantee you that you will get the best handmade product and best service. Your item is checked one more time and inspected before it is shipped. Your satisfaction is our goal and we stand behind our product 100%.

I know that buying a new carpet tends to break the budget, but it should not be the case with us. If you see an item that you like on our website, please reach out to us with your inquiries Order@SugaRugs.com, and we will work with you to make carpet purchase as easy as it can be.

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